About Us

Firm Overview
A collective of highly-specialized litigators that create solutions for the patent holder.

Kramer Alberti is solely focused on IP litigation. As attorneys, innovators and specialists, we are uniquely qualified to provide legal solutions for patent litigants, patent monetization companies and investors in intellectual property assets. With significant successes in federal jurisdictions throughout the United States, the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as the Supreme Court, Kramer Alberti has become sought after to deliver objective-based legal solutions.

Our unified approach to our client’s matters is strengthened by the diversity of our talent and the technical and scientific credentials of our team. Our firsthand expertise in electrical, medical and technological systems is unrivaled in our industry – an advantage that allows us to aggressively pursue positive outcomes for our clients.


Our History
Once disruptive, always sought after.

In a segment of legal services that changes as rapidly as the technologies it involves, Kramer Alberti is unique. Since our founding in 2010, Kramer Alberti has been a driving force in the evolution of intellectual property litigation and how it is practiced. Our shareholders began their careers at well-known large IP firms but grew tired of the misplaced focus on firm financial performance over client solutions. Turning this challenge into opportunity, a new model to meet the demands of the marketplace was created, and Kramer Alberti was born.

Since day one, the firm was designed to be agile in order to stay in-step with the industry, while maintaining an independence as a highly specialized organization dedicated to patent litigation. From introducing boutique IP litigation expertise to both large corporations and patent holders, to becoming the firm of choice for plaintiffs seeking large recoveries in patent monetization, we continue to leverage our experience and proven strategies to deliver client-specific legal solutions and financial results.

Today, Kramer Alberti is recognized as a leading patent litigation firm – amongst peers, within the Courts, by investment partners, and certainly by patent holders. If you are interested in engaging us, contact us.