Our Advantage

Unrivaled Technical Depth
Scientific and technical expertise that informs our legal perspective.

We deliver optimal legal and financial outcomes for our clients by combining litigation expertise with firsthand technical experience.

The Kramer Alberti team is comprised of software engineers, architects, network specialists, and a practicing physician. Individually and together, we bring a unique perspective to IP litigation through our complete understanding of the actual technology that is involved in the matters we manage – not merely the legal aspects of the case. By understanding the unique details and applications of the patents we defend, we develop strategies in a manner that sets Kramer Alberti apart in the courtroom and in the outcomes we secure for our clients.


Innovative IP Litigation Strategies.
We are creating the future of IP law and how it will be practiced.

Patent Portfolio Management

We partner with our clients to optimize the value of their patent holdings. Through careful assessment, analysis and organization, we position and protect our client’s IP assets to deter infringement and vigorously seek damages when they are violated.

Patent Monetization Management

Kramer Alberti provides counsel and management advisory services to its clients to properly position their IP assets both inside and outside litigation. More than proven litigation support, we also deliver solutions designed to avoid the courtroom altogether.

Jurisdictional Utilization

Our experience within all practical legal venues, both within the United States and abroad, allows us to utilize specific jurisdictional venues that are advantageous to the realization of our client’s legal and financial outcomes.