Broadband iTV Succeeds in Federal Court Claim Construction Hearing

November 20, 2020

• Court order shoots down all defendants’ 19 requests to narrow scope of claims

• BBiTV has filed patent infringement suits against Amazon, AT&T, DirecTV and Dish Network

AUSTIN, Texas, November 30, 2020 – Broadband iTV, Inc. (“BBiTV”), a company that is one of the pioneers of video-on-demand, announced that the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division, has ordered that the company’s patent constructions, as defined in patent infringement lawsuits, will stand and are final. Defendants in the patent litigation proceedings argued unsuccessfully for a narrow interpretation of 19 claims that were challenged. The court also rejected all of defendants’ arguments that BBiTV’s patents are invalid as indefinite. The order favors BBiTV as its legal team moves forward with patent infringement litigation against AT&T, DirecTV, Dish Network and, more recently, Amazon. “BBiTV has a very extensive video-on-demand patent portfolio and we are pleased that the infringement litigation will consider the highly relevant totality of this intellectual property as we move forward with the proceedings,” said Rob Kramer, lead counsel for BBiTV, partner, Feinberg Day Kramer. “This 19-0 victory is an early reinforcement of BBiTV’s vigorous intellectual property defense against AT&T, DirecTV, and Dish Network.” BBiTV developed and owns a portfolio of more than 70 issued patents. The patents are comprised of technologies developed by BBiTV inventor and chief technology officer Milton Diaz based on his work over several decades. BBiTV developed the underlying technology that all of its patents were derived from, and BBiTV has not acquired any of its patents from third parties. Amazon, and others, infringe on these patents. BBiTV is represented by the law firm Feinberg Day Kramer Alberti Lim Tonkovich & Belloli LLP.

About BBiTV BBiTV was a pioneer in the development of on-demand and interactive technology for the cable sector. The company began as an operating company in 2001 in Hawaii, which is known in the cable industry as one of the most innovative markets due to its remote island status. BBiTV launched two critical, first-to-market development projects in the US. These included an interactive community channel and a Web platform enabling direct to television video publishing. BBiTV partnered with Oceanic Time Warner Cable (now Charter Communications), to establish the nation’s first long form informational video channel. Please visit

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